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DevotionalsBecoming a transformed leader

Becoming a transformed leader


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Stem! I honestly never envisioned Short Term Experience in Ministry (STEM) program at FOCUS Kenya in this angle. I always admired my mentors, Peter Kimeu and Patience Mutie, thinking they were let fall from heaven and completely refined by Jehovah Himself.

They seemed ideal, yet real. Their sermons always store my attention. Their advice was enclosed with wisdom…and I desired to be like them. I wanted to all they had done to be who they seemed to be. Here I am, in what they did best, and it is a refining moment of my life.

When I started Stem, I imagined how I would impact on the lives of many, and turn CUs upside down. I thought of influencing their administrative structures (especially now that I have administration as a calling and career), their pattern of thinking, word interpretation among others. I thought of how executive committee meetings would be ideal, how they will have to adopt strategic thinking, and how after the year, many will look back and say that Agnes was God sent. All this has changed. The year I thought I was giving to the Lord (and so He ought to bless me) turns out to be a year He is giving to me. To mould me, to make me. What I’m offering is incommensurate to what I’m gaining.

As I engage in daily trainings, impromptu sermons (ooh how many they are!), mentoring students, daily devotions, office work among other things, I keep finding God. The turn of events in my life at such a time as this is amazing. I have learnt about peace of mind, suffering expected in ministry, divine enablement, how prone I am to wander from the God I love, and finally how He allows all things to work for my good, keeping me always focused on Him. I am being moulded…I am being refined…I am becoming a leader with a difference. Long live STEM!


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