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UncategorizedI will be a Daniel!

I will be a Daniel!


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I have severally been filled with anger (one of my CUs would call it Holy Anger) each time I use the Nyeri-Nakuru route on my way to town, due to the massive corruption that the traffic policemen indulge in. It seems endemic, and I did not know what to do about it. Almost all vehicles have to stop over at a certain junction and ‘register’ as they now call it. By this I mean what was previously referred to as ‘toa kitu kidogo’ to the policemen, who seem to enjoy every move of it!

Meanwhile, the roads continue to be characterized by poorly maintained vehicles, careless driving, double-cabin vehicles (i.e. a vehicle with a double number of people it should customarily carry), accidents, etc. On the other hand, the policemen keep fattening and corruption keep moving from one level to another, in a bid to cover up sin. What perturbs me most is the fact that it may be hard to have them face judgement, for who knows how far it is up the ladder. (At this point I thank King David for writing Psalms 73; the end of the wicked!)

It is in one of the several pity-parties I called in my heart each time I thought about it, that I thought through the lives of Daniel and Queen Esther in the Bible, and a few heroes I came across as I read one book; ‘Shining like stars’. These people were living in an era of social evils, but they sure did something. I am more interested in David who, realizing that he would never convince anyone to rise up with him and Worship the Only Living God, decided to take a stand. He wouldn’t bow to an idol. He remained blameless in a corrupt culture throughout his 60 years of service. Eventually we see his stand influencing the whole nation.

At times there is really nothing we can do to get rid of a certain evil, but we can take a stand. We can stand up for the God we serve, knowing He is for us. We can work out our principles, chose not to compromise and say no to corruption from individual points of view! We can count the cost of it and be ready to suffer and we sure will influence the society by the choice!

So today, I pledge to be a Daniel. I may not change anything, but I am taking a Stand…for God!

  1. For sure we may keep on complaining about the so many things that are happening in the wrong way in this world, wishing that it could be better. Yet in all this the question is and has always been, what can we or are we doing about it?
    I join you in taking my stand, Everything may not change but something will.
    The change we desire to see, God has equipped us to create it.
    Awesome piece..


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