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Devotionals20th May 2017 4 years into it, 1 year...

20th May 2017 4 years into it, 1 year out of it


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Dear friends in campus
I write to share of my story, of four years into it and one out of it, for today marks exactly one year since I departed. My story may not be as eye catching as some of yours, but it is sure remarkable in its own sense. It may not be based on days spent out, drunkenness, regular change of spouses among other gymnastically put occurrences; no. It was a journey of on the face of it simple mistakes, of ambiguity, of growth, of discovery… of experiencing the grace of God. 2nd September 2012 to 20th May 2016. Yes, I was in campus and in the CU for four years.

I remember the common ‘kilometric’ prayers. On such a day we would wake up at 4:00am and walk around campus declaring words and the name of the Lord up to 6:00 am (may the Almighty remember us). Such would be graduation days or whenever else the prayer coordinator felt necessary. I remember the brothers and sisters’ fellowship, that would build us up in matters of the heart, the prayer keshas, the Friday crusade-like fellowships, Majesty worship nights, daily devotions in the morning and evening and executive committee meetings.

I remember making announcements as the CU secretary. That year remains so vivid in my mind. You say I displayed courage and confidence but the reality is I had the least of esteem. I had personality issues and needed a lot of self-discovery, which I got, thankfully. I now believe that God calls that so He can mold us, for sure I wasn’t the best candidate for whatever had been entrusted to me. I however celebrate the Lord for I encountered Him at a personal level then. I met Focus staff and other significant people that were just so patient with me until Christ got fully formed in me. May the Lord bless them.

I remember the mission times, specifically Chonyi, Rabai, Shimba hills and others. We would pray and fast and declare the place as being Jesus’. It was here that I encountered deliverance, and witnessed miracles. I rarely have such opportunities now. I have participated in one mission since I left you, and mark you; I am in a ministry oriented work. I don’t know whether my friends in corporate world have managed any. Please go for as many missions as you can now.


Fasting for a mission was mandatory. I remember a time we were ordered to fast otherwise we would vomit anything we’d eat. One of us was under medication…yours truly. And come to think of fasting. It was a discipline I had to cultivate and learn especially by living with mum Jackie. Fasting seems hard to believers, and it is not something people look up to. But it is a discipline that every believer must practice, for the love of spending time with the Answerer of prayers, not for the love of the answer. To suppress our flesh, not to win the His attention. Spiritual disciplines are hard to practice at the beginning (anyway they are disciplines)but they make us wholesome Christians.

Spiritual disciplines need to be practiced in the midst of brethren that are keeping us accountable especially in a CU set up, for out ‘here’ things are different. At times I do not have time to pray as much as I did while there, waking up at 3:00am almost daily. It proves hard to have frequent lengthy fasting sprees as I would then. The race here appears to belong to the swift; work, friends, study and career, family, focus on marriage but to mention a few screaming for your attention.
I have written this to share that the disciplines you cultivate now will highly help in the future. Keep up.

I am however on the road to full realization. Last year I made crucial decisions that have changed my life for good. Stem is one of them, and the best decision I ever made. I have appraised my values, principles, dreams, character and whatever else and I have and the Lord is slowly depositing strong and different convictions in my heart that I am celebrating. It is one year away from you!


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