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UncategorizedTrain yourself to be near the Lord

Train yourself to be near the Lord


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Dear Modern day Worker,

Few days ago, I would have easily given you credit based on what title you hold in the society, and believe you have made it in life simply because you are a manager or a director in such and such company. I would have admired one who holds a PhD at 27 thinking they have all that it takes and that it has been as easy for them.

To be honest, most people who hold those demanding jobs are far, so far from the happiness and fulfilment that we accord them… unless they have made a commitment to draw strength from God, and trained their minds to listen to Him daily as He leads them in the way they should choose. That is a true definition of a happy worker.

I remember when I got a job (one that society would call a good one) a while ago, it took me few days to realize its demands. I turned to friends to try and explain my predicament and get comforted… instead of praying about it. My friends discouraged me further, especially one who retorted that she cannot survive in such an environment and went ahead to explain how her company had the best terms. (forgive her Lord) I love my job and all about it, but the demands were too high on me. I grew disappointed and instead of getting closer to God about it, I kept to myself and that has resulted in things like burnouts and dissatisfaction.

The realities of corporate life are hard to believe. Work life balance is nothing most employers seem to care about. Many employers are more interested in the work you do than the baggage you come to work with. Few care if you slept, rested or not. Few care is the amount of work left for you in a week is sufficient for other life or not. No wonder a joke is made that in modern life, one gets a job to start looking for another one the following month.

I have gotten to the end of my 4 months of ‘a crazy life’ today, and I must confess life has not been easy. I have missed friends’ weddings (like today) or just made technical appearances, sleepovers, family gatherings among other things. Some relationships have surely been affected, but I am so grateful to God for those friends that have stuck close and trusted me even when I turned them down.

The secret of surviving in such a time is prayer. Pray even when you don’t feel like it. The Lord alone understands that you are far from ‘making it’. He alone knows the demands of your work and the strength needed to perform, family and friends events to attend, spouses to spend time with, personal development programs needed but also time with Him. He is the giver of strength, for when your strength fails, He is the strength of your heart and your portion forever. He is always with you…(therefore understand your schedules and demands), and He guides you with His counsel, Psa. 73: 23- 26.

So when worn out, remember that God alone can understand and you can get to him in prayer. And being near Him is a training we must cultivate, just as Paul admonishes us to ‘train ourselves to be Godly’, as in 1 Tim. 4: 7-8. To train is to practice an ability. We must practice that nearness to God even when we don’t feel like. Especially for corporates. We must surrender to Him our fears, worries and concerns, and allow him to help us. And we will hear Him as he leads us, as he directs us when to rest, watch a movie, hang out with which friend, but also prioritize what task. Wow!


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