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I will not start this blog with something like; I thought my husband would leave me, like I saw some Youtube post. No. My husband wouldn’t.

It is the day I tested positive for covid.

I worried. I have heard weird stories. Stories of someone collapsing in the house, alone, with shortness of breath and friends having to break the door to pick them up, followed by 2 weeks on oxygen.

I have heard stories of ambulances. You remember April last year? Anytime we saw an ambulance we knew that a patient was in the area, and would end up in KU or some quarantine place that looked very horrible. Or the NYS buses, that would carry people around town the whole day because the government had not decided where to quarantine them.

I have heard stories of mothers being separated with their babies. I have a 11-month daughter. She is still breastfeeding. I got scared. What did isolation mean for a breastfeeding mum? Was it to seclude myself in a room, not having any contact with her? Was it stopping breastfeeding all together? And what if she was positive already? Would she need oxygen? Would I be admitted with her? (I pictured for a moment a toddler surrounded with those hospital wires, unable to breath, fighting for her life).

Did they say the devil is a liar? As if to make me more worried, my daughter developed a cold (for a day), and her lips became pale. My foot almost slipped, as David says in Psalms. I remember asking God not to take her away.

Back to me. Let us talk about how I found out. I had some blockage in alternate days. It would come and go. Then one day, I developed some joint pains which I brushed off. If anything, this is a condition I once had.

One evening, we were taking an evening drive with the husband of my youth. I saw Biko say that in marriage you come with a weapon. There are men’s weapons and women’s weapons. I am not an exception. One of my weapons is wind-breaking. And so, I broke the wind. Badly broke (if you know you know). My husband rioted. He described it as this hydrogen sulfide that we learnt in Chemistry, that we never heard of again. I insisted that it couldn’t be, and asked him not to blow things out of proportion on an un-smelly wind. I wondered what battles he was picking, after all, we were told not to pick all battles in the premarital class.

My husband smelled a rat, but he did not immediately disclose. He wanted to test me. He drove right next to a fish kibanda and exclaimed how nice the fish were smelling. ‘What fish?’ I asked. There and then, we knew that the viral disease had attacked.

Now when you think about Covid-19, in addition to worrying about your health, you worry about finances. Most hospitals charge at least 6000 for a covid test. You think about the meds, and the fact that your insurer may not be covering this cost. You think about doctors scampering away from you, and immediately dressing like those we have seen on TV handling bodies of victims. You think Isolation…you do not want to get into a matatu or an uber going to a hospital; you care about the driver, and other passengers.

This is why, when I was told about Home Health Services, I was more than excited to call. They come where you are, with test kits and a prescription. They ask about your family members, and consult on how to go about your daughters and sons, who’s thought of is already making you sicker. The make follow-up calls, and fumigate your spaces if you want. They undertake palliative care, which is care for the terminally ill and their families. Wound care. Post stroke care. (Go on with the cares). They basically care. As the name is. We care. They are concerned about the psychological trauma that a patient goes through, and are willing to walk the journey with you. Consider them a weapon for all these things.

I dialed the number. The doc came, tested and confirmed my fears. I was positive for Covid-19. I spoke my fears to him about my daughter. My husband. My nanny. He listened. He advised. And yours truly called on the name of the Lord. For healing. For protection of the rest of my family. They all tested negative. Those who acknowledge the name of the LORD have a weapon. They need not be afraid of the terror of night,
    nor the arrow that flies by day,
 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
    nor the plague that destroys at midday. They know that the LORD will protect them.

I am back to my feet. I am healed.

But you know what? You have a weapon. There are the masks that we keep being told to wear. The sanitizing and handwashing. The avoidance of touching noses and eyes. The avoiding of meetings and gatherings. The eating of vitamins. The eating and drinking of citrus fruits and drinks. You will keep the disease at bay.

Should it come your way though, you know who to contact. Their contact is 0711738151.

#Be safe. We care.


  1. “They know that the Lord will protect them”

    Sure enough he has proved to be that solid fortress we can run to for protection.

    Very encouraging.Thank you Aggie

  2. Wow! What a read! Glad that you are back on your feet and your family is safe. The truth is we are all exposed but yes we have weapons

  3. The suspiscion and ensuing Covid test by yours truly have left me on the floor.

    I am tickled, encouraged and informed.

    Thank you Aggie.

  4. Psalms 91:3 Surely He will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.
    4 He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

  5. Thanks for sharing. We thank God for healing you. It would have been great to hear how you handled the family front during your healing journey. Keep writing. Keep changing lives

  6. Thankyou for this information, It also happened to me last year May though it was very mild…Lost sense of smell and taste only for a few days..


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