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LifestyleYou can have it and eat it!

You can have it and eat it!


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They say weddings are not complete without cakes. One would rather miss the food but have the cake. The same is the case with birthdays, showers, etc. People at times leave late as they wait for the cake to be served. I imagine whoever developed wedding programs, had this notion in mind; the cake comes after everything else as guests will wait.

What comes to mind when we want a cake?

We want to eat our cake and have it. We all want tantalizing, mouthwatering, colorful cakes. We think of its appearance. Texture. Flavour. We think that the baker will pick our minds and translate our dream into an actual cake. That is why when I got to know Naima Pastries, I wanted to write their story because at Naima, you eat your cake and have it.

So how did Naima come up?

Grace Gachanja, the name behind Naima Pastries knew that she wanted to learn baking from a young age.  Her mother used to bake Lemon cakes occasionally which she found very special. When she was about 10 years she tried but the whisking and mixing were overwhelming so she left it at that.

As a second year student at the University of Nairobi, She decided to pursue the burning passion again. She considered baking classes at a nearby cake school but the fee was humongous. Again, she left it at that.

At her wedding on 19th of April 2019, her mother-in-law gave her a special gift; A cooker with an oven compartment. By this time, she was working and could spare a few coins to nurse a hobby. She bought a small hand mixer, watched a few YouTube videos and started trying out different recipes from the internet. After several disappointments, she decided to enroll for baking classes with the aim of learning how to bake better and do basic cake decoration. Two days into the course, her then 8-week pregnancy couldn’t take in the smells and she had to pause. For the third time, she left it at that.

In March 2020, Covid hit. She was sent on compulsory unpaid leave just as most people. Being at home without much do she started trying out what she had learned in the incomplete course and posting on social media. Encouraging and discouraging comments came but she didn’t mind; if anything her husband enjoyed the cakes.

One day her husband’s then supervisor asked her to bake a cake for an occasion. She agreed, albeit without the knowledge of cake pricing nor the type of cake he wanted. She called her tutor who guided her through it. The result was a mouth-watering cake, which was shared in the whole estate. That was the first sale.

In May 2020 she delivered a baby and her mind shifted to parenting, giving it her all. However, 16 days later they lost him to Coarctation of the Aorta, an expensive congenital disease that left them without a baby and without money. This was a major setback to the young family. She decided to keep baking and posting. She would give cakes to neighbors and friends who came to mourn with them. People started buying the cakes and within no time orders started flowing.

One and a half years later, Naima Pastries is steadily becoming a household name in the world of cake. Having grown from making only birthday cakes to a diversity of occasions including weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries, graduations, traditional dowry ceremonies (Ruracio), and corporate events. Naima is an exclusively online pastries shop. We connect with our clients through our social media platforms mainly WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. At Naima Pastries, you can have your cake and eat it, because why not?!

Lets order the cake! +254 718 374146 or catalog

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You can have it and eat it!

They say weddings are not complete without cakes. One would rather miss the food but have the cake. The...

Reflections of My Marriage (2)

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